Transform Your Body With M9!

Our M9 classes combine the science of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with cast-iron kettlebells to give you a fun, intense workout that gets results fast.

The M9 Fitness System was created as a way to help our competitive athletes and martial artists who are short on time, and need an efficient way to:

 + Build muscle,

 + Burn fat, 

 + And increase performance.

But since the M9 Fitness System was designed to be scalable, it’s also an ideal way for anyone to build muscle, burn fat, and look and feel their best.

M9’s unique workouts use kettlebells within the framework of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). You bring the intensity with HIIT training; not only will you get dramatic results, but you will also enjoy the journey along the way!

If you’re tired of “so-so” results, give M9 a try… you will see a real change in your body within just three weeks.

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M9 Kettlebell Class at Guardian Jiu-Jitsu


Nick DeWitt is a competitive Jiu-Jitsu athlete as well as a strength and conditioning coach. His interest for fitness began his sophomore year in high school, when his coach got him involved in weight training.

As an adult, Nick's passion led him to get certified as a Personal Trainer via the American Council of Exercise (ACE). Nick has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals, whether it be losing excess bodyfat, bodybuilding, or competing in Jiu-Jitsu and grappling tournaments.

No matter your goal, Coach Nick can help you get there, as he has been there and done it himself!



"What should I expect in an M9 class? What does the workout look like?"

Each M9 class lasts 50 minutes (plus an optional 10 minute cool-down). The class begins with a full-body, dynamic warm-up, to ensure you’re ready for the load-bearing exercises in the HIIT portion of the class.

Next, you will move on to guided High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Guided by a coach, you will be lifting cast-iron kettlebells in fundamental exercises that not only build muscle but will also translate to increased athletic performance.

Lastly, you will finish each class with a short, metabolism-igniting conditioning session.

"How does the science behind M9 work?"

M9 focuses on building muscle. The more lean muscle you have will directly correlate to the amount of fat you burn by increasing your metabolism.

Your body builds muscle as a result of progressive resistance training, not from endless hours of cardio. Kettlebells are an ideal way for athletes or anyone to build muscle and increase performance, since lifting a heavy kettlebell requires the use of your whole body, including the stabilizing muscles. 

In an M9 workout, the kettlebell exercise rep ranges will generally fall within 6-15 reps, depending on the exercise and your fitness level. This rep range has been proven to maximize gains in lean muscle mass, but it’s also a useful range to increase overall strength and athletic performance.

We also place a heavy emphasis on using correct form, and performing each exercise safely. Our coaches are here to help you!

"I'm a beginner. Is M9 right for me?"

The M9 Fitness System was designed as a way to help competitive athletes and martial artists who already spend most of their free time training their sport or martial art. These athletes need a way to improve their strength and performance, but can’t afford to spend endless hours lifting weights, or using cardio machines. The HIIT workouts in an M9 class are the ideal way for such athletes to improve their performance in the most time-efficient way possible.

But the M9 fitness system has been designed from the ground up to be extremely scalable. That means, each workout is doable by a complete beginner, and the program can deliver results fast.

YOU bring the intensity with HIIT training. Try out M9 for three weeks, and see the amazing results for yourself!

"Can I try out an M9 class for free?"

YES! To sign up for a free M9 class at Guardian Jiu-Jitsu, just fill out our online form.

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Hear From Our Students:

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"The team at Guardian has become like family to me. They are open minded and respectful human beings. You can feel the passion in the air for this martial art, and they make it fun and exciting for all to experience. This is something that can be a lifelong journey. If you are looking for something fun, challenging, and rewarding to experience in life, I would highly recommend coming and checking out the Guardian Jiu-Jitsu academy!"